Contact a Neighbor on Irrigation Matters

This web page has been developed for the sole usage of the residents of Greenfield Acres. The intent is to build a directory for GA residents to access in order to communicate in matters relating to the delivery of irrigation waters delivered by the San Tan Irrigation District.

The directory has been developed to allow GA residents to openly communicate in matters pertaining to the flow of irrigation waters throughout our community. The submissions are voluntary and can be added to, amended or deleted at any time using this submit email link.

This directory should facilitate communication between residents in order to ensure that irrigation waters flow as intended through our system and to allow a convenience for residents to deviate from the schedule when needed.

For example: you are scheduled to take irrigation at 8:30 AM on Saturday but have been called away unexpectedly for the weekend. Failing to take your water as ordered will create a hazardous build up of pressure in our system and may pop irrigation valves and damage our system. It is imperative that the ordering resident make arrangements for another to take the water as ordered.

It is still the initial ordering resident’s responsibility to oversee that the water is released as ordered. Such a trade is not sanctioned by the STID and payments are still made by the ordering resident.

How it works: A situation arises whereby you are unable to take your irrigation water as scheduled. You may access this list in order to communicate with an individual neighbor or to send out a broadcast email using the link below. You are then able to correspond directly with interested residents in order to trade or assume completely the delivery of your scheduled waters.

Name Phone E-mail
Mark Taylor Cell: 480-600-1049
Scott McLaren Cell: 480-600-4015
Paul Helling Cell: 480-335-6996
Brian/Deanna Fero Cell: 480-201-4703
Mark Dobson Cell: 480-820-4416
Lauren Kingry Cell: 480-458-7995